International Membership

International Membership is the right to access the
Sociëteit 'Minerva for' the periode of one yearwithout being introduced:

-          on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, except during the “Kennismakingstijd” and the “Ledenvergaderingen”;

-          during the following special events: Sempre Gala, Dame Blanche Gala, Sine Regno, Almanakfeest, Oud en Nieuwfeest, Lustrum der LSVM.

The so-called “International Membership” also includes access to student disco 'Hifi' and the ability to become a member of one of Minerva's 17 sub-associations, which focus on subjects such as sports, music or other special interests.

The applicant has to be a foreign student, enrolled in an academic program offered by the Universiteit Leiden, or a comparable educational institution in The Netherlands. This academic program needs to last for at least six months.  

We already have several International Members at Minerva who enjoy our activities and parties. We would even like to set up a sub-association for international students! Are you interested, or do you have any questions? Please contact the Assessor Secundus ( who will be happy to help you!